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American dollar
up to 1000 €
Buy: 1.1800
Sell: 1.0400
from 1.000 to 5.000 €
Buy: 1.1300
Sell: 1.0500
over 5000 €
Buy: 1.0970
Sell: 1.0530
Swiss Franc
up to 1000 €
Buy: 1.0600
Sell: 0.9300
from 1.000 to 5.000 €
Buy: 1.0100
Sell: 0.9400
over 5000 €
Buy: 0.9850
Sell: 0.9450
British pound
up to 1000 €
Buy: 0.9300
Sell: 0.8100
from 1.000 to 5.000 €
Buy: 0.8900
Sell: 0.8200
over 5000 €
Buy: 0.8650
Sell: 0.8250

Favorable exchange rates for higher amounts!

We offer you money exchange service at 28 locations across the country where you can buy or sell foreign currency quickly, safely and reliably. We provide you with 43 foreign currencies which you can pay with cash .


Send and receive remittances

Exclusive Change Ltd. provides you safely and fast Western Union money transfer service at all its locations.


Utility bills, Deposit into an account

In cooperation with OTP banka we have enabled you to pay your bills at one place, regardless of whether you have a 2D Bar Code printed on your payment order or not. We accept only payments relating to the payment of goods and services for the benefit of legal entities, payments to government bodies, public authorities and payments to the budget of the Republic of Croatia.


Important and joyful moments

Concerts, sports, cultural and other events in Croatia or other european countries.


Cash to coins or coins to cash

If you have too much coins in your pocket or you need coins.


Euro coins to kunas

Exchange of euro coins in denominations of 1 and 2 EUR.


Games of chance and Lottery tickets

Buy Croatian lottery tickets and play games of chance at our locations. They are designed to be fun for players but also useful for whole society and that they are really – more than just a game.


Tax refund

Exclusive change d.o.o. in its branch offices, offers a Tax Free Shopping (TFS) service that allows customers “globe shopper” to refund VAT on purchasing products that will be taken with them at the end of the trip.

Send and receive remittances

Western Union money transfer

You can send and recieve remittances at more than 400 locations within the EXC network.

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