CAD | Canadian Dollar
  • Canada’s official currency since 1867.
  • The banknotes preserve their nominal value, and each banknote issued after 1935 is used as national currency.
  • One of the special characteristics of Canadian Dollar coins (including circulation, commemorative and investment coins) is that they still feature the image of the reigning British monarch.
  • Coins:
    • “Loonie” – one-dollar coin named after the national bird of Canada
    • “Toonie” or “Twoonie” – two-dollar coin
    • “Quarter” – worth 25 cents, and bears the image of a caribou
    • “Dime” – worth 10 cents, bears the image of a special Canadian schooner
    • “Nickel” – worth 5 cents, it is made of nickel
Country uses Canadian Dollar:
  • Canada