AED | Emirati Dirham
  • In the largest shopping malls, American Dollars and British Pounds are also accepted beside the Emirati Dirham.
  • Until the middle of the 1960s (before the introduction of the Dirham), Indian Rupee was used in the Arab Emirates, that is the reason why older people still mention Rupee as the national currency even today.
  • Between 1966 and 1973, Bahraini Dinar was used in Abu Dhabi, while in the other emirates Qatari and Dubai Riyal was used.
  • The Dirham that is used today was introduced in 1973, it is sub-divided into fils.
  • It is very easy to purchase cheap petrol in the country. For instance, if you buy a Snickers bar, you can get free petrol worth a Dirham.
  • The United Arab Emirates has the seventh highest GDP per capita (preceding the United States of America, Germany, Japan, Holland, etc.).
  • India is the most important trading partner of the United Arab Emirates.
Country uses Emirati Dirham:
  • United Arab Emirates