ILS | Israeli Shekel
  • The new Israeli Shekel is the national currency of Israel, which replaced the old Israeli Shekel on 1st January 1986. Before that time, Israeli Lira was used until 1980.
  • The currency was name after an ancient currency mentioned in the Bible.
  • The banknotes also include Braille so that the blind may also identify and distinguish them.
    Agora is the change for the Shekel, 1 Shekel = 100 agoras.
  • Israel is the major innovation area of the fintech (financial technological) sector. Out of 20 countries, Israel has the greatest fintech sector (preceding Great-Britain and the United States of America). In Israel there are more than 400 start-ups in areas such as virtual payment, banking, community financing or financial planning. In 2014 fintech companies invested a huge capital (USD 369 million), and Tel-Aviv became the 21st most important financial centre. Israel’s innovation activities attract global financial institutions such as PayPal, Santander, SunGard and Visa. International financial institutions are also present as investors in the country, in terms of investor confidence in venture capital Israel is only by preceded by the USA according to Deloitte.
Country uses Israeli Shekel:
  • Israel