NZD | New Zealand Dollar
  • The national currency of New Zealand is often called “kiwi, referring to the national bird of the country, which can be seen on the 1-dollar coin.
  • New Zealand has had its own national currency since 1933, but it has been called dollar since 1967 only, before that pound was used (which was already different from the British Pound though).
  • New Zealand Dollar is among the top 10 most traded currencies around the world.
  • New Zealand is often called a “plastic nation”, because you can use your card for payment almost anywhere, and many people make use of this opportunity. The rate of cash payments is on a gradual decline.
  • New Zealand Dollar is the national currency of the Cook-islands, Niue, Tokelau and the Pitcairn-islands as well.
  • The portrait of the official monarch of New Zealand, Queen Elizabeth II is illustrated on every banknote. Her effigy also appears on 20-dollar notes.
Country uses New Zealand Dollar:
  • New Zealand