SEK | Swedish Krona
  • Krona has been used as the national currency of Sweden since 1874 (establishment of the Scandinavian Monetary Union). Similarly to Denmark and Norway, the Krone remained the official currency even after the disruption of the union.
  • Despite the fact that the Swedish Krona is used in Sweden only, it produces the seventh largest turnover in the world.
  • Krona is sub-divided into öre (1 Krona = 100 öre). Issuance of the Swedish banknotes and coins falls under the competence of the central bank of Sweden.
  • 5-krona coins are the most expensive to make and they are also the largest in size, though they are not very valuable. 10-krona coins are the smallest but the thickest.
  • On one side of the Swedish 1-krona coins, the effigy of the current monarch, while on the other side the Swedish crown or one of the Swedish coat of arms are depicted. The 5-krona coin bears the monarch’s monogram and the 10-krona coin has the portrait of the current monarch. In addition to the above, the royal motto is also inscribed on many of the coins.
Country uses Swedish Krona:
  • Sweden