THB | Thai Baht
  • The strongest currency of Southeast Asia, it is sub-divided into satangs.
  • In Thailand, it is very rude to carry banknotes in the back pocket as they bear the portrait of the monarch, who is a highly respected person. In addition to this, it is also highly disrespectful to step on the banknotes or coins.
  • The shape, size and weight of the 10-baht coin are similar to those of the 2-euro coin, consequently, many vending machines would also accept this coin, though it is worth about one-tenth of the value of the 2-euro coin.
  • Some spreadsheet programs (eg. Microsoft Excel, include a function which converts a number into a Thai text if you enter the name of the currency and the change as well. This is interesting because such functions were originally made for the Thai language only.
Country uses Thai Baht:
  • Thailand