1. What is Western Union money transfer service?

Western Union is a global leader in money transfer services. Fast and reliable Western Union service is available in more than 200 countries and territories and at more than 500 000 locations worldwide.

2. Who uses the Western Union money transfer service?

Anyone who needs to send or receive money urgently, migrant workers who are supporting their wider families or friends living in foreign countries, travelers, tourists, business people who need to make fast international remittances, or just people who wants to show their love and care through seasonal gifting and thoughtful gifts of money.

3. Is it bank account required in order to send or receive money?

Sending or receiving money does not require bank accounts, credit or debit cards.

4. What is the maximum sending/receiving amount in EXC offices?

The maximum send amount at EXC offices is 4.000 EUR per transaction /per location /per day. Maximum payout amount is not limited because it depends on the sending limit in the state from which the money was originally sent.

5. How much time is needed that sent money is available for pick up in the destination country?

The sent amount is available for pickup in minutes, no matter where are you situated at the moment, depending on operation hours of payout locations and time-zone differencies.

6. Do I need to pay fee for receiving money?

No. Transaction fee is paid by the Sender.

7. Which currency is used for sending and receiving transactions in Croatia?

You can send or receive money in Croatia exclusively in local currency – Euro – EUR.

8. What do I need to send money from EXC offices?

The Sender needs to complete short TSMF (To Send Money Form) and pay to Operator the principal amount plus applicable charges and provide a valid form of identification. Operator will immediately complete the transaction.

9. What information do I need to provide in order to pick up the money?

  • A government-issued photo identification document (ID) must be presented,
  • MTCN – Money Transfer Control Number,
  • Sender´s first and last name,
  • expected amount (+/- 10%),
  • sending country

10. What is MTCN?

MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) is 10-digit code which is given to Sender by operator at Agent location. It is the unique reference number assigned to your money transfer. This control number has to be provided to the Receiver in order that Receiver can pickup the money at an agent location.

11. What are transactions fees for sending/receiving money?

Transaction Fee/Charge depends on sending amount and destination country. Price listing: https://exc.hr/en/western-union

12. Can I send/receive money using credit card?

You can send/receive money only in cash in Croatia.

13. How do I find nearest EXC location for sending/receiving money, and what are the operating hours of locations?

The nearest EXC location you can find on our location map, with operation hours of every location where you can send or receive money by Western Union money transfer service: https://exc.hr/en/map

14. Where can I get information about Western Union service and transactions in EXC offices?

Our Customer Service Center is available for all our customers during operation hours every dan (Monday-Sunday, 09:00 a.m. – 21:00 p.m.). Customers can realize their transaction requests and get all needed informations contacting our free CSC phone number at: 0800 200 902.

15. What is QuickPay Service, is it available at EXC locations?

Apart from sending and receiving Western Union money transfers, EXC also offers Western Union Quick Pay service which allows consumers to settler bills with select companies.

16. Can I change the receiver´s first and last name on a money transfer?

Yes, you can update the receiver´s first and last name on a regular transaction as long as the money hasn´t yet been picked up. Call our Customer Service Center for help, you need to visit one of our locations and fill out necessary Change of Data Request and provide valid identification in order that we can complete your request.

17. Can I change destination country on a money transfer?

Yes, if the charges for both countries are the same. Please contact our CSC for more information.

18. Is it possible to cancel the regular transaction?

Yes, you can cancel the transaction as long as the Receiver didn´t pick up the money. Please contact our CSC for more information and explanation of procedure for cancelling transactions.

19. Can I get refund of transaction?

Yes, it´s possible to get refund of transaction (principal amount or principal amount with fees) depending on the circumstances specific to the transaction, as long as the Receiver didn´t pick up the money. Please contact our CSC for more information and explanation of procedure for refunding transactions.

20. What is a payment to an account or Direct to Bank (abbreviated D2B)?

The service of sending cash of a physical person to a physical person account opened in a bank in one of the countries that support this service. The list of countries where money can be sent by payment to the account can be found on the Western Union WEB page https://www.westernunion.com/content/wucom/base/us/en/direct-to-bank-details.html.

21. What do I need to know when sending a D2B transaction?

  • Name and surname of the receiver,
  • The name of the bank where the receivers account is held
  • BIC => Bank Identifier Code or SWIFT address,
  • IBAN => International Bank Account Number,
  • Additional data depending on the receiver’s state regulations.

22. How much is the fee for sending D2B and who pays for it?

The D2B payment fee is paid by the sender, and it is 6,64 € for all sending orders regardless of the amount.

23. When is D2B transaction available for payment?

Forwarding money to most countries usually takes one business day. Funds may arrive with delays or services may be unavailable depending on certain terms of the transaction.