MXN | Mexican Peso
  • Mexico produces the largest amount of silver in the world.
  • The sign “$”was first used to illustrate the national currency of Mexico, much earlier than it was used for the American Dollar.
  • A 20-peso banknote wears off within 32 months on average, while a 50-peso note made from the same material may be used for 39 months.
  • Mexican Peso is sub-divided into centavo, which produces the highest turnover in Latin America.
  • The word “peso” means “weight”, which refers to the weight of gold or silver that were used to make the coins earlier.
  • The Mexican currency was called Peso after the Spanish Dollar when the American Dollar appeared, and was also fixed to the Spanish Dollar.
  • When Mexico became independent in 1821, it started to use a currency that was independent from the Spanish but preserved the term.
Country uses Mexican Peso:
  • Mexico